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Let me put my expertise to work for you and your company. 

I blend business talk, inspirational speaking, and spoken word poetry to help businesses tell more concise stories.


I use my voice and your language to

convey your messages. 


Watch Rashad Elevate the Vibe

Want an engaging Virtual Talk?
I want your virtual experience to feel like a stage experience. 

Elevating the Vibe at TEDx Nashville
A story on students similarities
Rashad on the TEDX stage
Elevating the Vibe at Tivity Health's Summit
with a talk entitled:
"I pledge allegiance to health care" 

Covered by NPR 

Groundbreaking of

5th and Broad

The National Museum of African American Music

Bridgestone Arena show
Elevating the vibe with Healthways

Signature Talks

Rashad at Good morning Nashville

Leadership is Listening
Leaders understand the value of listening.
This talk dives into what makes leadership work.
Leaders have to be open and vulnerable. Leadership starts with our ears first. 
Rashad takes us on an amazing interactive journey in this keynote that will leave your leadership team with tangible and actionable takeaways. 

Speaking about life

These talks have maximum impact because they speak directly to the hearts and minds of each individual audience. 
Rashad uses his voice to speak YOUR language. 
He leaves audiences captivated and energized with his brand of spoken word poetry and storytelling woven into business talk.
Because of his unique skill set he can cater any of his speeches to fit your industry and your company, or he can create a customized talk.

Speaking to a crowd about confidence

The Heartbeat of Belonging,
why we seek, why we stay

This talk that delves into the fundamental reasons behind why employees choose to leave or remain in their careers. Utilizing powerful storytelling, the talk explores themes of empathy, team building, and personal responsibility, offering insights into how these elements contribute to a sense of belonging within a workplace.


Moments that Matter:
Transforming customer
engagement into loyalty

Ignite your sales meetings and conferences with this engaging and informative talk around enhancing customer loyalty.

InKNOWvation NOW!
Innovation isn't a new topic, but the way we approach it has to, well, innovate.
In this high energy keynote Rashad navigates through why starting with self innovation can lead us to bigger and more powerful breakthroughs in our work. Innovation starts NOW!

Speaking about finding your way

We're Off to See The Wizard

I Pledge Allegiance to Healthcare

Health-Care is a topic that comes up in every day conversation. Our Health-Care workers are putting themselves on the line daily.
This talk centers around the need to treat people like people and not numbers.
To lead with our hearts and not our wallets.

L.E.A.R.N. to inspire:
Innovative Leadership
for today's world

This high energy keynote is perfect for emerging or seasoned leaders. This keynote will equip you with the tools to inspire your teams ability to innovate, execute and grow.

(The Art of Storytelling)

Everybody has the ability to tell stories. We do it everyday, why do we think stories are taboo when it comes to selling, or creating business relationships? In this keynote, or workshop Rashad demonstrates how stories change our lives and how they can change our business.

College Talks

Elevate Your Vibe
"Focus on the Five"

(Belief, Fear, GO, Collab, Wins)

Leadership is listening!
(Helping students grow into leadership)

Freshman don't P.A.N.I.C!

The intersection of Spoken Word and Mental Health

Additional Services

Custom Keynotes

Storytelling Workshop


Public Speaking Classes

Corporate Narrative Training

S.T.A.R. is a proprietary framework that helps companies expand and explain their narrative.

"A business without an ability to tell their story isn't a business at all."

S.T.A.R. focuses on four building blocks

SAFE- We must create safe environments for stories to grow and be nurtured. Our business story should be ever evolving, but are we fostering a place for that growth?

TEAM- When we build our personal narratives we don't always depend on teammates but our businesses thrive on TEAM-work, but when we have so many different backgrounds and stories how do we connect these dots? Our  abilities or inability to work as a team, dictate our business story.

AUTHENTIC- We believe stories that are told from an authentic place, we also ( as customers) can tell when it isn't. We will unpack how to be more authentic in our narrative approach.

REASSURE- When people work for us or spend money with us, one of the biggest things we leave on the table is our capacity to reassure them. People just want to feel and know that they are valuable to you. They want to know they aren't just another person on an assembly line or just another dollar in your pocket.


My frameworks will help you retain employees and also build long lasting relationships with customers and clients.

The S.T.A.R. method can be broken into smaller segments or for better results instituted for a calendar year.


S.T.A.R. building blocks

These units below can be added into the S.T.A.R. curriculum. 

To maximize these trainings a 3 month commitment is recommended but not required.

STAR part 1
STAR part 2
STAR part 3


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