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Break Free with Nashville’s Spoken Word Maestros: Rashad thaPoet Rayford and Saran 'S-Wrap' Thompson

Present "A Break from the Trap"

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 13, 2023) -  In a world where many are ensnared by personal and societal constraints, the transformative power of music and poetry offers a beacon of hope. Rashad thaPoet Rayford and Saran ‘S-Wrap’ Thompson, the avant-garde pillars of Nashville's spoken word community, return with a compelling narrative in “A Break from the Trap.” Following the trailblazing success of their previous opus, The Other Side, Too, this duo crafts a resonant message: liberation from our personal traps is possible, and it begins from within.

The album's title might hint at the Trap music genre, but beneath its surface lies a profound exploration of the shackles that bind us, both visible and invisible. With their signature poetic prowess, the pair challenges listeners to confront and transcend their limitations, be they mental, emotional, or societal.

While the lion’s share of the production sees Rashad and S-Wrap seamlessly intertwining their visionary musings, the lead single, “War Goin On,” beckons listeners with an entrancing collaborative force. The inimitable Case Arnold -SO (U)L Theory weaves his sonic magic, complemented by the mellifluous sax of AyyWille, the celebrated horn maestro behind Adia Victoria.

Rashad's evocative voice declares, "tornadoes turned us upside down, but this isn’t Oz or Hawkins", guiding souls on a quest for self-realization. Interspersed with AyyWille's ethereal hook, S-Wrap’s verses serve as a clarion call: “we know the power was in our hands once we spoke it into existence.”

This seven-track odyssey is more than just an auditory delight; it's a clarion call to personal freedom.

With “A Break from the Trap,” the boundaries of Spoken Word poetry are re-imagined, heralding a new era where art becomes a catalyst for introspection, awakening, and ultimately, liberation.

Escape your confines. Experience “A Break from the Trap.”

Now available across all music platforms. We invite journalists, bloggers, and change-makers to join this transformative journey and to connect for deeper insights into this audacious project.


Press Contact:

Stephen Trageser
The Nashville Scene

 S-Wrap and Rashad tha Poet’s The Other Side is an interconnected collection of uplifting pieces about a journey to finding peace and purpose, built atop a musical foundation of psychedelic soul.

Wes Montgomery

Album frequently goes with warm tones and a lightly vintage fuzz. The guitars and pianos feel like characters as real as S-Wrap and Rashad themselves, as the instruments sweetly meander and channel the quieter moments of Motown. The production challenges the very notion of a spoken word album by creating a musically engaging experience to actually listen to over and over.

This album reminds me of Atlanta duo Outkast. S-Wrap and Rashad thaPoet's nostalgic Southern accents spit out capitivating lyrical content over dope jazz/funk/soul infused accompaniment.

   Filthy Riche
The Weekly Beat

War Goin On

War Goin On Visualizer

War Goin On Visualizer

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