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         GRAMMY® Awards

Best Spoken Word Album
Album: The Other Side
Artists: S-Wrap, Rashad thaPoet
The Other Side Album Art.jpeg

Rashad and Saran have known each other for years. They have both been poet mentors for Southern Word, an organization that teaches literacy in schools across the state of Tennessee using spoken word poetry.

Once the initiative was created to bring more spoken word poetry albums to The Grammy's it was a no brainer for Rashad and Saran to connect.

They connected with incredible musicians and artists from the city of Nashville to complete this album.

 They have a passion for inspiring people and helping us all reach our Other Side. 

It's called The Other Side. It's the hero's journey of making it to "The Other Side" which is success, living and thriving in your passion/purpose/art/career/etc. The album starts from the point of realization and moves through the ebbs and flow of that journey until you have arrived on "The Other Side".

Stephen Trageser
The Nashville Scene

 S-Wrap and Rashad tha Poet’s The Other Side is an interconnected collection of uplifting pieces about a journey to finding peace and purpose, built atop a musical foundation of psychedelic soul.

Wes Montgomery

The Other Side frequently goes with warm tones and a lightly vintage fuzz. The guitars and pianos feel like characters as real as S-Wrap and Rashad themselves, as the instruments sweetly meander and channel the quieter moments of Motown. The production challenges the very notion of a spoken word album by creating a musically engaging experience to actually listen to over and over.

This album reminds me of Atlanta duo Outkast. S-Wrap and Rashad thaPoet's nostalgic Southern accents spit out capitivating lyrical content over dope jazz/funk/soul infused accompaniment.

   Filthy Riche
The Weekly Beat

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